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Employment is vital to a family’s self-sufficiency and stability. Without a job, parents cannot provide the necessary food and safe shelter children require. At Families Forward our primary goal is to support families so that their children will regain security and stability.

Families Forward’s innovative Career Coaching program equips clients with current, lifelong job search skills, and empowers them with the confidence they need for achieving and maintaining workplace productivity. Career Workshops are available for any individual in need of assistance in the job search process.

See below for the list of upcoming workshops. Please contact 949-552-2727 to be placed on our interest list. Please note that childcare will not be provided during these workshops.

New! Sole Survivor

This interactive employment game puts YOU in the employer’s seat where you have the power to give thumbs up or down to eight phantom candidates searching for work in your “company.”

What do you learn from it? Clients tell us they leave with two things: a huge sense of relief that not getting the offer is NOT a personal failure, and new awareness of the importance of the “little things” in the search. If you or your clients need a new boost of confidence and learning, this one time workshop is a definite must! Cost is FREE! Sign-up is required. To sign up, please call (949) 552-2727.

Date/Time: Wednesday, November 12, 9:45 AM – 11:45 AM
Location: Families Forward, 8 Thomas, Irvine, CA 92618
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Free "Job Launch" Workshops - September / October 2014
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Located at: 8 Thomas (at the corner of Muirlands and Thomas), Irvine, CA 92618

Resumes - Part 1
“Put Your Work Into Words"
Wednesday, September 3
10AM - 12 Noon
Powerful resumes get calls!

  • Learn to build a powerful resume one step at a time.
  • Write accomplishments that make employers want you!
  • Summarize your work so it’s relevant and to the point.
Resumes - Part 2
"Sharpen Your Resume For The Hit"
Wednesday, September 10
10AM - 12 Noon
Targeted resumes get interviews!

  • Learn how to put your resume onto the employer’s radar.
  • Learn to outwit Application Tracking software (ATS)!
  • Discover the difference between ATS and scannable resumes!
Interview Power-Up
Wednesday, September 17
10AM - 12 Noon
Commanding interviews set you apart!

  • Create an answer to that tricky “Tell me about yourself.”
  • Learn to flush out and deal with employer’s “hesitations.”
Tackling Tough Questions
Wednesday, September 24
10 AM – 12 Noon
Tricky questions take preparation!

  • Learn to answer: “What salary are you looking for?”
  • Develop answers for your tough or “illegal” questions!
Key Strategies for Success!
Wednesday, October 1
10 AM – 12 Noon
Tough markets demand competitive strategies!

  • Prove your skills with STAR-POWER story answers.
  • Learn how not to “act your age” when age could be an issue!
  • Discover new ways to keep yourself competitive!
Suit Yourself
Wednesday, October 8
10 AM – 11:30 AM
First impressions make a difference!

  • Discover what styles suit your body type best.
  • Learn how to maximize the clothes you already have!
  • Learn the difference between power suit and business casual.

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