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Let Us Help

Whether unemployed, looking for a better paying job, or having trouble finding or keeping a job, this program provides FREE workshops to those seeking career assistance. Families Forward’s career coaches can assist individuals with strengthening their resumes, interview skills and navigating the job search process successfully. Monthly free workshops are open to all clients at Families Forward and the general public. (Note: Childcare will not be provided during these workshops)

See below for the list of upcoming workshops. Please remember that you must call 949-552-2727 to reserve your seat in each class!

Personal Branding 101

Personal Branding? What’s that? If you’ve heard the term but aren’t sure what it is or why it’s important in the job search, this special one-time workshop: Personal Branding 101 is for you! We have invited Crystal Lynn, Workshop Specialist from Women Helping Women/Men2Work, to present this popular workshop as a kickoff to our summer series of Job Launch Workshops! Come and learn why your personal brand is important in the job search! Learn how to describe yourself in a way that sets you apart from other your peers!

Date/Time: Wednesday, June 25, from 10-11:30
Location: Families Forward Center at 8 Thomas, Irvine, CA 92618
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Free "Job Launch" Workshops - July / August, 2014
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Located at: 8 Thomas (at the corner of Muirlands and Thomas), Irvine, CA 92618

Resumes - Part 1
“Put Your Work Into Words"
Wednesday, July 2
10AM - 12 Noon
Powerful resumes get calls!

  • Learn to build a powerful resume one step at a time.
  • Write accomplishments that make employers want you!
  • Summarize your work so it’s relevant and to the point.
Resumes - Part 2
"Sharpen Your Resume For The Hit"
Wednesday, July 9
10AM - 12 Noon
Targeted resumes get interviews!

  • Learn how to put your resume onto the employer’s radar.
  • Learn to outwit Application Tracking software (ATS)!
  • Discover the difference between ATS and scannable resumes!
Interview Power-Up
Wednesday, July 16
10AM - 12 Noon
Commanding interviews set you apart!

  • Create an answer to that tricky “Tell me about yourself.”
  • Learn to flush out and deal with employer’s “hesitations.”
Tackling Tough Questions
Wednesday, July 23
10 AM – 12 Noon
Tricky questions take preparation!

  • Learn to answer: “What salary are you looking for?”
  • Develop answers for your tough or “illegal” questions!
Key Strategies for Success!
Wednesday, July 30
10 AM – 12 Noon
Tough markets demand competitive strategies!

  • Prove your skills with STAR-POWER story answers.
  • Learn how not to “act your age” when age could be an issue!
  • Discover new ways to keep yourself competitive!
Suit Yourself
Wednesday, August 6
10 AM – 11:30 AM
First impressions make a difference!

  • Discover what styles suit your body type best.
  • Learn how to maximize the clothes you already have!
  • Learn the difference between power suit and business casual.

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